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Players often want a break from the repetitive drills that make them better soccer players. Why not play a game that's unique, fun and helpful to their technical skills?

One such game that's gaining popularity is "soccer tennis" which is a favorite among players looking for a change of pace and more time on the ball.

Soccer tennis combines aspects of tennis and volleyball and improves both instincts and technical skills among players of all ages. Its played indoor on our our turf fields (no cleats!). 

The new method of volleyball rally scoring will be utilized to demand focus and create the most exciting environment. That is, each rally results in a point by one of the teams. As with tennis and volleyball rules, the team that fails to place the ball in the other team's in-bounds area loses the point.

Each match will consist of the best of 3 games (1st team to win two games) will decide who wins the match. Games will be played to 16 points and teams must win by a minimum of 2 points.  

Your team will play 2 matches in the same day in most cases with a 1-2 match break between them.  

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